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Quorum Directors – ‘Extraordinary’ Meeting

Having concluded last year so successfully, the Quorum Directors were keen to start 2017 with an in-depth planning session to continue the motion into the new year and therefore decided to convene an ‘extraordinary’ meeting.

It was key to coordinate this as early as possible in the new year and as such the Directors looked for a suitable date in January to get together and make sure the strategic planning for the coming year was similar to that which was used in 2016. What better opportunity than Burns Night!

Ian and Trevor, with their respective partners Amanda Bailey and Sarah O’Shaughnessy ventured off for a weekend in Edinburgh over the period of 27th – 29th January 2017. The key focus was the Directors meeting – the return train journey provided the ideal forum for this.

With the main part of the business concluded by the time they arrived in Edinburgh there was plenty of time for socially agreeing the outcome of discussions, sight seeing around Edinburgh and the small matter of a Burns Night Celebration on the Royal Yacht Britannia! It was a fantastic event and was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

…and all the relevant business activities were concluded.