Bachelor of Engineering Degree – Outstanding Module Result

I am really pleased with my T192 module result which included study aimed towards Engineering, origins, methods and context.

The module was designed to introduce me to different aspects of engineering, and also examine skills and motivations required to become an efficient and successful learner which will become an essential part of my skill set as an engineer.

I was introduced to engineering and design engineering, integrated key scientific concepts, mathematical techniques and study skills needed to support further studies in engineering.

I really enjoyed the varied learning approaches this module included which varied between online activities, printed text book material and a combination of study days / tutorials at the Open University in Cardiff.

It was an opportunity for me to meet fellow students also studying the module and experience classroom-based lessons. Which I found really enjoyable and beneficial to my learning style.

I initially doubted my capabilities due to my absence from education, however receiving a distinction in my module has really provided me with the motivation to pursue my dream career within the world of engineering. Continuous praise must be given to Quorum for the opportunity for personal development and the ongoing support to succeed.