Twenty Years of Quorum, so lets ‘celebrate 2020’!


Should we celebrate the events of 2020… absolutely!

As much as 2020 has presented challenges that we have all experienced, at Quorum there have been other barriers, hurdles and challenges throughout the year over and above those offered up by a world-wide pandemic.

We started this year having to react to a situation that wasn’t ideal but as a team, we worked together and overcame it. This was followed very closely by the need to adjust our working regime given the impact of Covid-19.

I feel both honoured and privileged to be part of the team at Quorum – we have all reacted to the challenges of the year and more importantly, we have all contributed to the many successes.

Each member of the team is providing support direct to one of our many great clients (ongoing and new) and likewise, we have each received recognition for our commitment and dedication, and for our ability to meet every milestone and deliverable throughout the year.

We have said farewell to one member of the team, and we wish Steve Reed all the best in his new role. We have also welcomed two new members into the fold – Jim Cairney returned to the team and Chris Coombes came on board bringing a very niche set of skills with him.

Whilst mentioning new arrivals, it goes without saying that we welcome the arrival of Kate Edwards firstborn who came into this world on 27th May – welcome Freddie.

Regardless of the challenges, we have continued to function as a business in such a way that has seen us utilise ongoing support from:

  • Kay Heald (KHHR) with her outstanding guidance and direction on all things HR and Employment Law.
  • The Design Frontier with their creativity and support to our web design.
  • Felicity Wingrove and the fantastic PR team at Zen who I can describe in one word – exceptional!

We have engaged with a few more local companies to support the ongoing Quorum effort, each of whom are providing us with first class service – experts in their field and extremely understanding and supportive of our ongoing development. It’s great to be working with:

  • Jan Adams (Jan Adams Social Media).
  • Julie Tickell (The Brand Writer).
  • Jo Carroll (Giant Creative).
  • Emma Lockwood (Executive Coach).

Many thanks to you all for the outstanding support throughout the year!

From a personal perspective, I have successfully achieved a number of goals in 2020, all of which are worth celebrating. I completed my MSc in Professional Engineering after a very long three-year slog, I became a member of the Worshipful Company of Engineers, and only last week I was awarded the Freedom of the City of London. Not wishing to imply that any of these are less important but my greatest success this year has to be my 2020 Challenge – to collectively run, cycle or walk 2420 miles… the equivalent of ten trips from London to Paris. I had originally signed up to actually cycle from London to Paris in September in the same week that Quorum celebrated its 20th Birthday. With this in mind, I am pleased to announce that I managed to complete the challenge mileage on 13th December – an achievement I am extremely proud of.

Over the last three months I have posted regular updates about the Quorum team on the company LinkedIn page. I planned that the last one would be mine but actually, who wants to read about me? I felt it would be more valuable to share our collective successes of 2020.

I have given considerable thought to what 2021 might hold and actually, who knows? I have a number of goals already in place, I anticipate a number of challenges presenting themselves, and I know I will have to follow particular routes/journeys that I am sure will generate excitement. Either way, given the lessons learnt throughout this year, bring on 2021.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and here’s hoping for a happy, healthy and normal-ish New Year!