ILS training for more capability

You may be missing face-to-face training, but with Quorum's virtual training programme you no longer need to miss out on developing your ILS capability. Here we look at the ILS training imperative and how virtual training can help!

The importance of ILS training

When the pandemic hit it caused most businesses to suspend training plans. It was potentially viewed as a short-term decision, as we all focused on immediate priorities.

But we can’t lose sight of the role training plays in project delivery, and overall performance. Developing and enhancing ILS expertise can truly transform both what you can achieve today, and the confidence with which you can approach your future supportability challenges, however tough.

Making sure employees have all the training they need, not only demonstrates your commitment to them, but in turn engenders loyalty, and skills retention.  So, why continue to miss out on training and upskilling?

Releasing the pause button

We now know the new way of working is set to be with us for much longer than we imagined. But, getting ILS training back on the business agenda is clearly an imperative. Especially, if you want your ILS capability to keep pace with new requirements.

In short, we need to be able to learn in a different way, so we can release the pause button on training plans and skills development.

Converting 20 years of training experience

So, for the foreseeable future, Quorum is running all ILS training virtually, with an experienced ILS consultant driving the learning process.

Quorum is already recognised for delivering specialist ILS training to Tier 1 and Tier 2 clients, as well as the UK MOD. We have supplied coaching and on-the-job training since 2000, launching our formal ILS training programme for Continuous Personal Development (CPD) in 2008.

Converting our training courses to perform well, remotely, has been an interesting process. In our experience however brilliant the material is, the training can only be as good as its delegates participation. So, we have focused on keeping engagement high in the virtual training room.

It isn’t always easy to maintain interest levels on Zoom, MS Teams and other conferencing platforms. So, one of our top virtual ILS training success criteria is to keep Zoom fatigue, or Teams tedium at a minimum. We promise to pull out all the stops on that one!

Masterclasses in the virtual classroom

In fact, we have mastered lots of new tricks, along the way.

From the approach we have taken, to adapting course structures and creating an environment with managed opportunities for proactive and enjoyable virtual interaction. From the material we use, to how we use it. We have even planned in responses to unplanned home life interferences.

The result is the delivery of training experiences our clients really value. Courses which are designed to be effective in the virtual classroom.

We are still learning, and we always will be, are you?

Contact us to discuss standard ILS courses, or explore a bespoke training solution!


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