Spring forward with Quorum

With spring around the corner, are you ready for change?

Maybe you feel like a fresh start? Or it’s a slight adjustment you need! Just a bit of a spring clean – at home or at work – nowadays they often seem like the same place.

With that in mind we’d like to introduce you to two of our recent and talented recruits, Connor Buchanan and Jess Bailey, and share some of their springtime thoughts.

Springtime variety and growth

Connor has joined Quorum as an ILS engineer. Based in Southwest London he has taken advantage of our hybrid working approach – becoming an integral part of supportive Shropshire based team, without the need to relocate.

In his words, “I was attracted to Quorum because it’s a relatively small, but highly experienced team of ILS consultants with an upbeat ‘can do’ approach. Already, I can see that the team make things happen, quickly. It’s a responsive environment and there are high expectations in terms of the quality of the deliverables we produce.

“Agreed, it’s often a demanding role, but I prefer that to being a tiny cog in a very large wheel. Here I can make a real and obvious contribution to clients’ work. There’s ample opportunity to progress my career in support engineering, as the business offers training inhouse, in addition to lots of hands-on experience.

“Right now, my job is to make life easier for clients. I’m here to help all my Quorum colleagues, across a wide variety of ILS projects in the UK and farther afield. So, I get to learn and grow quickly too, as well as see how projects close out.

“The team and our clients keep me on my toes for sure, which is interesting, challenging and rewarding. All in all, I’m thrilled to be making my fresh start here this springtime!”

Back for Spring and more

Jess Bailey, like Connor, is very upbeat about her new role as an ILS engineer at Quorum and the potential for career progression. She’s returning to the business to take advantage of the new growth opportunities within an employee-owned consultancy.

In her words, “I love spring. It’s the ideal time to check you’re going where you want to go isn’t it?

“It makes me think of baby animals being born. Full of fresh energy, optimism, curiosity and determination to succeed. That’s how I feel about coming back to Quorum. Spring has such a positive vibe and its definitely the right time for me to make a fresh new start with the ILS team here!

“There are some familiar faces, but lots of news ones too, as the team and business have been growing fast. I’m looking forward to the new challenges, especially getting my head stuck into reliability work – as I’m very mathematically minded.

“I think on my feet, which is a must for a support engineer. You need to be adaptable, quick and accurate, Plus, prepared to master all the customised project standards for each client. This is especially true in my role – working across multiple projects and offering support and help where needed.”

“I’m looking forward to making a positive difference to our clients, adding value, and hopefully progressing to a career in ILS management here at Quorum.”

Spring forward for better opportunities…

Want to work at Quorum?

We’re a growing business and offer rewarding ILS careers for driven team players, who can go it alone too. So, if you’re an ILS engineer ready for new challenge this Spring, we’d love to hear from you!

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Want to work with Quorum?

We’re growing because our clients love what we do and how we do it. Large changes, or small changes, it’s the capability to respond and change which is key.

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