We’re Going to DVD – Are You?

Quorum’s top 5 reasons to say YES!

The Defence Industry Exhibition (DVD) is set to take place at Millbrook proving ground on 21st and 22nd September 2022. If you’re still wondering about going to DVD, then here’s Quorum’s top 5 reasons to say YES!

1. DVD is a unique experience

Millbrook provides the MoD with a unique off-road test site, amongst its many other facilities. A visit to the event is an opportunity to see a wide range of the latest land vehicles and other equipment active in environments which simulate typical operational usage. If you’ve worked on individual aspects of vehicles, the event provides a unique experience. One where you may be able to witness the results of projects you’ve worked on in action, rather than on ‘paper’, with vehicles performing physically in their intended operational setting.

2. DVD facilitates integration

DVD is an invaluable opportunity for focused engagement between DE&S delivery teams and Army HQ staff, as well as other defence community users of military equipment. It facilitates integration by bringing stakeholders together into one physical space. And, obviously as Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) professionals we’re always going to say yes to something which aids integrated thinking. Plus, DVD creates opportunities for the industry to explore the bigger picture to accelerate innovation and delivery.

3. DVD is face-to-face

It’s amazing how far we’ve come in conducting business virtually, but there are lots of benefits from getting out there and meeting face-to-face. People still value familiarity in business and events like DVD are a great way to spend quality time with clients and industry peers. Plus, Millbrook provides the ideal event venue, allowing defence industry professionals to meet and immerse ourselves, for a day or two, in a subject close to our heart.

4. DVD is every two years

DVD is a biennial event, interspersed with DSEI (Defence and Security Equipment International), held at the ExCeL exhibition centre in London. This means when you look at all the other commitments competing for your time in September you need to ask yourself whether they can be rescheduled, because if you miss this experience there won’t be another one until 2024.

5. Quorum is at DVD

Our team are looking forward to heading to DVD too, which makes the fifth good reason to go. Nothing can match a good old face-to-face catch-up and it’s the perfect time to discuss creative solutions to supportability challenges, ILS resourcing or even the weather!

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