Get the ILS Experience to Avoid May Days Becoming ‘Maydays’

Looking for proven Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) experience?

Quorum Logistic Support Ltd is an ILS consultancy with experience across all the defence disciplines, as well as non-defence sectors. We help turn our clients’ ILS vision into reality. 

So, even if you’re a little way down the development road, or already ‘live’, you can still benefit from our support engineering expertise.

Benefit from our first four top ILS tips to help reduce the risk of May days, or any days, turning into supportability “maydays!”

Tip #1 - ILS from the start

Is your your ILS strategy properly embedded in your project plan?

It’s going to be easier to optimise what you’re doing when you plan for it from the start, boosting through-life costs and supportability.

If you’re at all concerned, talk to us for some FREE ILS advice.

Tip #2 - Supportability mission need

Unfortunately, it’s all to common for something to be missed with all the detailed planning and engineering.

But as experienced ILS practitioners we can help you understand that it’s how you overcome such challenges that makes the positive difference.

So, rather than fretting about the initial oversight pull out your Mission Need Statement (MNS). Keep the mission need by your side to help keep the decision-making process on target.

Tip #3 - ILS planning for the end

Today, end of life planning must be considered at the outset. Especially, given the importance of delivering on environmental responsibilities and sustainability objectives, as well as legal requirements.

The earlier in the concept and design phase you think about the end of life plan the better.

Tip #4 - Speaking the same language

And, even if you’re up to speed with the latest UK MOD ILS terminology is everyone else on your project?

Quorum helps clients master ‘ILS language barriers’ and keep up to date with changes, through our integrated logistic support services and Quorum’s ILS training courses.

In Summary

When it comes to support engineering, build results by investing in upfront planning, end of life understanding and always keep the mission need in focus.

Wherever you are on your ILS journey Quorum can help reduce your risk of supportability surprises.

Cut your ILS worries. Talk to Quorum!

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