Quorum have provided Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) and support engineering related services to a number of business sectors for over 20 years. Our projects range from systems requiring low maintenance to high technological and complex programmes within land, sea and air environments.

We can provide a tailored solution to your supportability requirements, with specific consideration to the following:

Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) – Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) – Availability, Reliability & Maintainability: Analysis And Management (AR&M) – Safety Analysis and Management – Risk Analysis and Management – Technical Documentation – Training Needs Analysis – Sustainability Modelling – Human Factors Integration (HFI) – Through Life Cost Planning (TLC) – Obsolescence Management – Contractor Logistic Support (CLS) – Project Management – Bid Proposal – Bid Evaluation and Marking

Our story

Quorum is an ISO 9001 accredited consultancy and we are firmly committed to client support, excellence of service and ensuring value for money. This has been the ethos from day one and has proven beneficial for our clients in terms of commitment to projects, knowledge of the ILS processes and working arrangements. This approach has established Quorum as a preferred supplier of ILS and related services predominately in the defence sector and across a broad spectrum of industries to provide expert solutions.

We believe in keeping things simple and logical, as this works well for the ILS process. ILS is about performing analysis on equipment to identify ways in which the design can be enhanced to improve supportability and meet the required capability, in the most cost efficient and operationally effective manner.

We work closely with the design and engineering teams at the very early stages to ascertain the supportability requirements of a particular piece of equipment. Through the LSA process we then establish what analysis is to be conducted to ensure the requirements will be met.

How we work

Our personnel work as part of the client’s integrated project team with design engineering, project and support teams to ensure maximum benefit in order to influence the design for supportability. Where appropriate, we can work from our office in Telford and make regular visits to client sites for data gathering, design reviews, project reviews and attendance at any specific working group meetings.

Our personnel have supported projects throughout the UK and Europe including Germany, Sweden and Norway and around the World in USA, South Africa, Thailand and the Middle East.

We use various proprietary software tools in support of our programmes including Data Repositories (LSAR – Logistic Support Analysis Record), Reliability & Maintainability, Through Life Finance (TLF), Technical Documentation, Safety Analysis and Risk Management software suites.

Additionally, we have developed our own in-house web-based application known as QuarterMaster which is a unique and cost effective Online Illustrated Parts Catalogue (OIPC). We have previously developed in-house applications for Data Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action System (DRACAS) and Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) analysis.

We are usually selected as Second Tier organisation by the Prime Contractors; however we have supported projects directly with the UK MoD as the ILS Prime on behalf of our Client. Where programmes require multiple resources, we allocate a Project Lead who will be responsible for the management of the work packages and will be the focal point of contact supported by a team of consultants.

We utilise industry standards, in-house specifications and formats or sector specific requirements to conduct the required activity. Where a standard is not defined, we will provide appropriate guidance based on experience that meets clients/customer expectations.