Twenty Years of Quorum, so lets ‘meet the team’………..

Amanda Bailey (Programme Support)

Post leaving school I chose not to go on to further education but seek my first real job within a major high street fashion retailer, I was immediately hooked and progressed on to become part of a management team which spanned over 20+ years and within a broad sector of the retail industry.

During the 90’s I became a mum of 2 and hungry for an alternative challenge so returned to college full-time and completed an access to higher education course.

I have since been privileged to work as part of a government scheme, to assist the long-term unemployed back into work, and also be a first point of contact within a call centre environment for a local social housing group and housing maintenance repairs.  Both roles provided their own set of personal performance challenges and career development steppingstones.

Some years ago, I met Ian, and we (plus my three daughters) have since moved to Telford together into a house which required much improvement and although much has been achieved, the said house is still an on-going project. We, as a family have also grown in the nature of rescuing two dogs three years ago – a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Benji and a Beagle Cross named Penney.

During September 2016, I had an opportunity to become part of the Quorum Team as Programme Support – initially to assist in the day to day running of the office and also to provide background support to the Quorum Team. There was no denying I was sceptical at first – after all, what did I know about ILS! Little did I know then how much my position as Programme Support would evolve.

Quorum has since provided both opportunities of personal growth and training challenges within elements of business acumen I probably hadn’t previously heard or thought of, areas I am certain I couldn’t possibly have gained insight to within any of my previous roles – these include Quality Management, Exporting Laws, ILS Engineering, IT and Cyber Security, Business Travel co-ordination, Event organisation the list could go on.

I work for an organisation who continues to remain highly valued within its multiple sectors of expertise, openly invests in its team of employees to provide personal and company growth and is 20 years young September of this year.  I consider myself extremely fortunate, not only have I been provided multiple platforms of learning opportunities but my day to day job is so diverse, no two months are ever the same, but most of all I feel honoured to be part of the formidable Team of professionals within Quorum.