Support Engineering for the Toughest Challenges

A New Year, but unsurprisingly, without much fanfare. 2021 has already thrown down the gauntlet to all of us. However, we believe out of adversity, new approaches, and better solutions will be found, by engineers and programme managers brave enough to think differently.

Our Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) expertise, designed for the Defence industry, has developed to rise to the toughest challenges, and perform in the harshest environments. This means you don’t need to soldier on alone. Whatever industry you are in, ask yourself – Is your business making the most of cross-industry supportability engineering expertise and experience? If not, why not?

Time to stop reinventing the wheel

Last year saw businesses and industries doing things differently to survive. Many transformed how they operate engineering projects and teams, initially for the short-term, and now it’s necessary to do it for the long haul.

Once more we are all having to look critically at the most effective way of delivering and supporting engineered solutions. In a world disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic optimising through life costs, and minimising risks, is more important than ever.

The appetite for sharing cross-industry knowledge and experience is increasing. Perhaps acknowledgement that if we want to accelerate change, and achieve more, we must stop reinventing the wheel. Slowing down to speed up, by remembering to check if a solution has already been found. Often the simplest idea can offer the most innovative answer.

Does another industry have a tried and tested process that can work for you? Could an engineer from another sector cut-through complexity by viewing your challenges with fresh eyes?

Specialist expertise to hit the spot

The pressures, not only on the Defence Industry, but across many other sectors too, got us thinking about what we can do to help businesses respond.

We thought long and hard about what makes us different. More importantly, given the pressure so many industries are now under, we explored how our point of difference helps other supportability engineers solve engineering challenges in critical non-defence industries, such as renewable energy, oil and gas, rail or our beleaguered NHS.

Quorum’s ILS knowledge delivers dependable and managed engineering solutions to the Defence Industry (land, sea and air). We work to its exacting standards, compatible with stringent Healthcare standards for NHS engineering projects. Many of our team are ex-forces, but not all. We value integrity, trust, partnership and delivering successful solutions.

Our ILS consultants are adept at balancing optimised through life cost, safety considerations, minimized risk, reliability and maintainability. We know how to make projects work for the toughest challenges and the harshest environments. But do engineers in other industries understand how our skills can help them, particularly now that they are facing one of their toughest years yet?

Collaborative support engineering for better results

So, to be crystal clear Quorum provides Support engineering for the toughest challenges.

In 2021, this message will form our tagline, and be reflected in everything we do. To help others rise to the challenges of the months ahead we are planning a series of insightful blogs.

We believe engineers will achieve much more if we work across industries and learn from each other. We are stronger together.  So, for 2021 we are asking engineers, project leads and programme managers to open their industry doors and embrace the positive difference our expertise can make to their success.

Our support engineering discipline has been designed to deliver dependable results for the toughest challenges and harshest environments. We naturally go the extra mile, and deliver solutions under pressure, without losing control. Our experience tells us that whatever sector you operate in, your engineering industry specialism, your standards and your acronyms share more of a common language and purpose than you may have imagined. We have the ability and agility to help.

If you need supportability engineering and have a tough challenge – from engineering complexity to resourcing capacity, contact the Quorum team. We are here to help.


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