Set to scale with ILS resource?

Are you set to scale with proven Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) resource?

Projects and programmes naturally have different resource requirements at different times in their life cycles. But how can you access all the benefits of in-house resourcing without adding to your management responsibilities and headcount?

We think the answer is obvious.

But do you? Find out how Quorum’s ILS resource approach gets you set to scale, while ensuring you retain the agility to alter your talent profile when you need to.

Consultants versus contractors

Are you in an ‘ILS consultants versus ILS contractors’ debate?

On the surface an independent ILS contractor has similar skills to an ILS consultant. But that’s without appreciating the value-add potential of using ILS consultancy services. 

Independent contractors tend to be focused more on getting the job done. Whereas consultants are not only being paid to do this, but also to bring their own and their consultancy’s wide-ranging  strategic expertise and knowledge to the project.

An ILS consultant is very much a partner, rather than a supplier. Our Quorum people are trained and experienced at fitting in with team, seamlessly. This is how we deliver all the benefits of an ‘in-house’ style resourcing approach, plus much more. And without all the additional employee responsibilities too.

Tapping into more ILS experience

You get much more ILS bang for your bucks Because Quorum’s ILS resource is the front-end of a highly-specialist support engineering knowledge pool.

So, when you choose an ILS partnership with Quorum, you’re tapping into over 20 years’ of ILS expertise and experience, across both Defence and Non-Defence sectors.

In this way a consultant will typically bring a lot more expertise to the team than potentially one in-house resource or an independent contractor.

More ILS capacity and more ILS capability.

Our case studies and testimonials prove how tapping into an ILS resourcing approach with Quorum delivers project success, as well as creating rewarding ongoing relationships that clients can benefit from for future ILS projects.

Turning your ILS vision into reality

The team at Quorum have thought long and hard about why it is so many clients choose us to help them turn their ILS vision into reality.

Our ILS knowledge delivers dependable and managed engineering solutions to the Defence Industry (land, sea and air). But it goes beyond Defence, because while many of our people are ex-forces, they aren’t all.

Our valued ‘can do’ approach and straightforward integrity is more than just a frame of mind. It is something that connects the whole team. You could say it’s in our DNA.

Quorum ILS consultants are adept at balancing optimised through life cost, safety considerations, minimised risk, reliability and maintainability. We know how to make projects work for the toughest challenges and the harshest environments – as well as everything in between.

Quorum Integrated Logistics Support LTD is on your team

Get set to scale with Quorum

So, its easier to scale teams with Quorum ILS resource. Our consultants ‘fit in’, and only ‘step out’ when the project needs them to.

Our hybrid and remote working models, enable clients to access an impressive depth of ILS expertise, irrespective of location. We’re not only recruiting nationally and even further afield, but we’ve also grown our associate network and developed performance enhancing collaborations.

The result is an enviable pool of ILS expertise and ILS services. A resource pool that understands your business and fits seamlessly into your team.

Ready to take a dip? Let’s talk to discover if it’s the obvious answer for you.

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