ILS Masterclass - Quorum

Quorum has developed an ILS Masterclass Course that is proving to be extremely popular. The course has been developed to offer a blended learning opportunity to ILS Engineers who aspire to become ILS Managers.

There is a small amount of pre-reading required prior to attending the course, this is some sample documents (Statement of Work, Use Study and ILS Plan) for 'Project Quorum'.

During the course there are a number of group discussions and work-based assignments that allow the students to populate a response document for the 'Project Quorum' pre-reading.

The main classroom element of the course looks at the following:

  • Build on the foundation knowledge of the students.
  • Include additional modules, specifically:
    • R&M Engineering.
    • System Safety Engineering.
    • Project Risk Management.
    • Training Needs Analysis (TNA).

The final element of the Masterclass is to provide each of the students with a Mentoring period to review the following

Consider how the skills learnt in Masterclass have been utilised in the individual day-to-day activities of the students.
Produce a plan with each student to establish a method by which the skills learnt can be further applied to their normal business as they develop into their ILS role.