‘Women in Engineering’ Day – Telford College

Women in Engineering is taking off in Telford and a great way to demonstrate this was when on Monday 25th February 2019, The Shropshire Star interviewed a selection of Telford College’s female engineering students.

The reporter spoke with the 8 women studying within the engineering department. These 8 women represent 1.2% of the engineering students within Telford College. Despite women being known for their skills in mathematics and scientific studies, engineering remains an uncommon career choice for women.

One of the interviewees was our very own analyst, Jess Bailey who chose to join Quorum rather than RAF due to the diverse range of engineering projects she could be involved with whilst continuing her studies of an HNC in General Engineering.

When interviewed Jess said…………

“I took an RAF aptitude test for human resources. I excelled in mechanical and electrical engineering. I didn’t know what opportunities there were in engineering and I thought human resources was suitable. I realised that engineering was what I wanted to do – I love that there is one straight answer and when you work it all out you experience a euphoria moment”.