Jess Bailey – HNC in General Engineering year one completed

The 17th September 2018 saw the start of my HNC in General Engineering studies at Telford College. The first few months consisted of learning about the applications of pneumatic and hydraulic systems, how to use analytical and computational methods for solving mathematical problems and an introduction into Computer Aided Design (CAD) modelling.

As the year progressed, I was taught about many laws associated with electrical circuits such as Kirchhoff’s law, Ohms law, Thevenin’s theorem and Norton’s theorem. As I got closer to the final stage of the year, I was tasked with creating a 3D CAD model of a component and using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, I produced a prototype component in aluminium. The creation of the component was relatively simple and demonstrated to me the behaviour of the machine and the material as I didn’t have any previous machining experience. I sent my CAD model from the classroom to the CNC machine located next door and watched in awe as the simple component I’d designed on my desktop was being produced.

Continuing through the year I gained further engineering knowledge and all assignments were completed on time.

On Monday 1st July 2019, I completed my first year of the HNC with Distinctions across the board. What a great year, I’m proud of what I have achieved. Here’s to hoping I can deliver the same results next year.