Quorum Support British Science Week at local School

Members of the Quorum team visited Apley Wood Primary School to promote and encourage STEM activities through a specially prepared Engineering Insight Day aimed at 7-11 year olds.

The day consisted of an array of classroom based activities which included topics such as; what does an engineer do; engineering roles and responsibilities; routes in to engineering and how STEM subjects can lead to an engineering career.

The 180 pupils were given the opportunity to learn how a 4 cylinder engine works and were able to interact with a working model of an engine. Additionally, the pupils learnt a little engineering history and how engineering can improve our future way of life. Once the pupils were confident on how a car is powered and with the concept of motion, they worked through a worksheet in groups to understand the relationships of speed, distance and time.

Teams of pupils had the chance to compete in an Air Powered Engine Car race challenge. Designing their own team logo and working together to achieve the best performance out of their vehicle. The day was drawn to a close with the winning teams presented with medals, and everyone received Quorum’s Certificate of Achievement.

“I found my time with the children to be extremely enjoyable.  They impressed me immensely with their enthusiasm to engage in the lessons, their understanding of the different engineering roles, as well as their knowledge of STEM subjects and activities.  It is reassuring to see that these young people are taking such a keen interest in STEM; however, having this opportunity to promote STEM to them was a very rewarding experience”. Gareth Brien, QLSL -Tutor on the day.