London to Paris Cycle Challenge

Operations Director, Trevor Hirst, has signed up to cycle from London to Paris in a challenge which takes place from 10th to 13th September 2020 – just a few days after Quorum’s 20th Birthday!

This 389km bike ride meets in London, and follows a stunning route to Portsmouth for an overnight ferry and on to Paris.

Riding on winding, country roads lined with colourful autumnal trees, the group will pass through rolling French hills and stunning villages – the perfect scenery to soothe aching legs!

After breakfast in Évreux it’s the last push to Paris. On reaching the city, the group cycle towards the iconic Eiffel Tower. The finish line will be in the park right by the tower, along with a well-earned medal presentation.

The schedule;

Day 1 – London to Portsmouth/Caen
Approx. 116km

Day 2 – Caen to Évreux
Approx. 136km

Day 3 – Évreux to Paris
Approx. 137km

Follow Trevor’s training and exciting ride on LinkedIn using the hashtag #CyclingL2P

Wishing Trevor all the best with this challenge – It will be a unique experience and a great personal triumph!