How to get the EX factor?

Ensuring a positive Employee Experience (EX) is even tougher to achieve with remote working. Which is why we were delighted when Glenn Symington, our new Senior ILS Consultant, joined us because of Quorum’s ‘EX’ factor. Find out how our experience can help you…

Thinking differently about EX

You may be new to the term ‘Employee Experience’ or EX, but sure to be familiar with many of the elements. EX encompasses the whole employee journey from start to finish. In fact, it begins before you even know who your future talent is.

From the moment a prospective applicant looks at your website, or sees the job advert, they are building a picture of your organisation. Your ‘EX’ factor makes all the difference to the quality of the CVs you receive. This is especially important when you’re looking for specialist ILS expertise.

For us EX goes far beyond traditional HR, kicking off with a ‘human’ application process  including informal ‘meet and greets’, as well as lots of opportunity to get a feel for working with Quorum before joining. 

We offer an enjoyable and thorough onboarding, expanding opportunities, continued support and development, plus internal and external training. We also have a collaborative and team culture, value contribution, recognition and reward, as well as offering socials for those that want to get involved.

At Quorum the ‘EX’ journey continues all the way through any career with us, to the exit process, the impression carried forward and the legacy left behind.

So, while we recognise it’s hard for businesses to get it right all the time, we have established a clear and shared vision of the positive and rewarding employee experience we want all our employees to have. 

We know what we’re striving for, and Quorum is determined to continuously improve, are you?

In Glenn’s words…

"Switching to a permanent position with Quorum is a win-win for me. I don’t lose any flexibility or reward potential, but I get to enjoy more of everything else. Not just better training, on the job coaching and support, but interesting and challenging assignments and wider career opportunities too.”

Our experience makes yours

Be honest, what does your current EX look like, or feel like?  It’s natural for businesses to get distracted by project priorities and the pandemic has changed the goal posts too.

As an employee-owned independent consultancy we do have a slightly different perspective, which we see as an advantage.

Every single one of our employees has a vested interest in creating the best place to work, to drive performance. A great working environment and experience is everyone’s responsibility, even though many of us are working remotely for much of the time.  

The simple fact is that getting EX right makes it easier to attract and retain talented individuals like Glenn who joined the team this September. He has worked alongside our team for a number of years and has chosen to move from a contract role to a permanent one because of our approach to EX. Great news!

Glenn aslo adds…

"I’ve worked with Quorum for quite a while now, and they’re a great team. So yes, I’m looking forward to shaping not only the future of an employee-owned business but also playing my part in bringing the advantages of robust supportability engineering to all sectors, not just Defence.”

Support engineering for the toughest challenges

Hopefully, like us you’re convinced that a great employee experience is part of providing the best client experience.

Our ‘on the job’ knowledge and expertise, known for delivering ILS performance, is supercharged by a highly motivated team.

Everyone has a part to play in making EX a transformational force for your business. Admittedly, Quorum’s EX is not always perfect – we wish it was. Bottom-line is we’re always learning and striving to improve and adapt to a constantly changing world.

However, even on the toughest days we know we can trust one another to find a solution.

If we sound like the solution you’re looking for? Get in touch…


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