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Ever wondered why a great ILS plan on paper isn’t always as great when its underway?

Our latest ‘Top’ Tips give you three essential keys to unlocking planning success. It’s time to get your ILS plan ‘off the drawing board’ so it doesn’t disappoint, whatever your project or programme.

Tip #7 - The end user

If you want a successful plan, then tailor your ILS approach to your end user.

You’ve probably heard the line ‘Walk a mile in his moccasins’. It was written in a famous poem well over a century ago. Still relevant today, it means before judging someone you must understand their experiences, challenges and thought processes etc. Remember that when you’re thinking about your ILS end user. Although, you may need to update the moccasins with safety shoes!

Simply put… to deliver your ILS plan get to know and understand your end user. It will make your implementation so much easier.

Consider who the end users might be, why they need the information, why they should care about supportability, how they work and what environment and conditions they’ll be working in.

Your recommendations and communication approach may make complete sense to you, but ensure it has the right impact on your user groups, such as equipment managers, purchasing and maintenance staff.

Tip #8 - Design for support and support the design

You understand the design team want the design concept delivered in its purest form. But, there are always compromises. Design tensions can occur during the engineering process. It’s common for aspects of the design vision to be challenged by supportability engineers, amongst others. Because, they’re focusing on delivering engineered solutions which are optimised for through-life.

Incorporate supportability considerations into the design stage of the plan to remove future hurdles ahead of time.

After all there is little value in engineering a design that exceeds budget availability. Or one that can’t be supported cost-effectively at the point of use.

Tip #9 - Configuration management and supportability

As well as getting your supportability considerations in ‘up front’ make sure ILS is not overlooked as the project progresses and changes are made.

Avoid having to sort these out at the tail of the project!

Supportability considerations need to be integral to the configuration management process and not an add on. This will prevent nasty surprises impacting the project delivery at the later stages, or even worse undermining performance, capability, cost, and overall supportability, once operational.

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