What’s on your Christmas list?

If you think a Christmas list is just for kids, then think again.

What’s on your Christmas List? Our traditional missives to Santa contain amazing insight into the writer’s vision of what success looks like (whatever the age). They capture dreams and goals, needs and wants. A bit like a project vision and requirements definition, but with a little more glitter and sparkle!

So, what’s on your Christmas list?

The holiday season is the time to reflect, celebrate and reset. You’ll be glad you did!

Here’s how to get the vision and the essentials back up the list in readiness for a cracking 2022 …

Time to reflect ... add it to your Christmas List

Whether your kid’s Christmas list is long, or short, most are great at giving you direction and helping you all avoid disappointment on Christmas morning.

No one wants to be disappointed, do they? It’s the same for projects, although on a different scale. Get success clarified at the project outset, and make sure you stay in course. Check here for tips.

Are you turning your plan into a successful project? Are you still in touch with the vision? And, do you really understand the client and end users’ needs and wants. In fact, does your list look anything like theirs?

As we’ve discussed earlier this year, in one of our other ILS tips articles, it’s all too easy to get knocked off course by day-to-day pressures and pesky politics, even if you had a good plan at the start.

Remember, time invested in reminding yourself what success looks like will save time, money and resources in the long run.

Time to celebrate ... add it to your Christmas List

Whether you’ve achieved everything you set out to at the start of this year, there is sure to be lots to celebrate. Again, don’t overlook this opportunity to give yourself and your team a ‘pat on the back’.

Add it to your Christmas list!

We help clients  overcome many different support engineering challenges, from design and technical issues to material shortages and supply chain disruption, as well as dealing with insufficient specialist skills. So, we know that however big the ‘bumps in the road’ have been this year, there is plenty to celebrate.

How you do that though depends on your people and culture, as well as the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, but focusing on the positives will help morale, motivation and continued creativity. It will set you in good stead for 2022.

We’ve talked this year about the increased importance of employee experience (EX). Engaging your people, your partners and your clients is more critical, with hybrid and remote working, than ever.

And what better time than the festive season to celebrate where you are in your project journey.

Let us know how you take stock and celebrate. Humans progress more quickly when we learn from each other and there is always room for improvement!

All set for 2022? ... add us to your Christmas list

We’d like to extend a heartfelt Merry Christmas, a Happy Festive Season and a Very Happy New Year to all.

As ever the New Year is sure to bring different and some unexpected challenges. But, if the pandemic has taught us anything it’s that we’re all far more adaptable and resourceful than most of us ever believed!

Quorum is here to help. Whether you need a different perspective or a project taking off your  hands. Or, maybe you simply need an extra pair of hands?

Our ILS consultancy services provide outstanding consultant capability, consultancy backing, and streamlined resourcing, with flexible contractor capacity.

We wish you all a peaceful and happy holiday season and look forward to hearing from you in the New Year.

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