Specialist ILS Training for Improved Performance

Ready to improve your team’s performance in 2023 with specialist ILS training? Quorum’s training school shapes ILS courses to help you shape your success. Today, headed up by Simon Bownes, he explains the ‘Why’, the ‘How’ and the ‘What’s next’ for Quorum’s complete range of specialist ILS training in 2023.

Why? – An ILS training habit

“Training is a ‘no-brainer’ that day-to-day work pressures can so easily cause us to overlook”, asserts Simon.

“Making sure your team has the training it needs shows both your commitment to your people and helps you deliver more successfully. 

Training engenders loyalty, builds knowledge, helps retain skills and can ensure everyone knows what they’re doing. 

“Yet, despite it being a ‘no-brainer’ why aren’t we doing enough of it? The pandemic inevitably disrupted many good ILS training habits. 

Simon Bowes: Director at Quorum

“Although Quorum moved our specialist ILS courses online, we’ve still all faced zoom fatigue. Potentially the subsequent rapidly increasing demand for ILS expertise has also impacted a full return to the ‘classroom’. With a short-term ‘all hands-on-deck’ approach being adoped by many ILS teams.

“But we know training makes all the difference when it comes to performance, which is why we’ve already geared up to meet demand for 2023.”

How? - Bespoke ILS training, designed around you

At Quorum, we’ve seen a steady increase in training enquiries in the second half of 2022, with new courses being introduced to meet demand as we head into 2023.

Simon, elaborates, “The increasing demand for training tells us that the value of ILS training is very much back on the agenda – which is great news for the ILS profession and the positive impact it can have on ‘through-life cost and performance as well as sustainability.

“Quorum provides three levels of standard training – Overview, Fundamentals and Masterclass. However, our experience has taught us that no one size fits all. So, we also specialise in bespoke training packages. With everything designed to be tailored to client needs, including budgets, and delivered where they need it.

“This flexible and professional approach to training is popular. It means you can choose onsite training at your location, or you can send your delegates to our HQ in Shropshire. Plus, we still deliver short online courses and webinars.”

Who? - Specialist ILS training experience and passion

Quorum is a leading UK ILS consultancy. We’re well-known specialist ILS training provider, with many of our consultants very experienced in delivering ILS training to Tier 1 and Tier 2 clients, as well as the UK MOD.

Simon took responsibility for further developing the training arm of Quorum’s business in March 2022. He has welcomed his additional role coordinating and continuously improving our training offers, as he says, “I’ve always loved delivering training, having initially been inspired by performing this role as a junior Non-commissioned officer (NCO) in the Army Reserves.

“But that’s just the start of my experience in and passion for training others in the knowledge acquired in over 15 years of ILS supportability experience. I’m keen to share expertise which spans Defence (Land, Aerospace and Maritime), Utilities and Nuclear. I also have 20 years plus of Project Management experience. And I’m qualified in PRINCE2 and the Association of Project Managers (APM), to ensure consistent delivery across all the training providers in our team.”

Why not contact us and request to join our next ILS training taster webinar or arrange a time to discuss your perfect training solution!

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