Quorum gets HRE ‘on board’ with proof of capability



Engineers achieve much more when we share expertise and experience cross-industry. The ILS discipline delivers dependable results for the toughest challenges, which is why Hitachi Rail Europe (HRE) agreed to get ‘on board’ with a proof of capability project.


The project was given a clearly defined scope, so that we could conduct a piece of reliability analysis on some of HRE’s Class 395 sub-systems – the bogies and traction power. Raw data was used to provide a ‘taster’ of the value of ILS in identifying improvement areas.


Our Logistic Data Table created a great start point for understanding pain points and potential for improving manufacturing maintainability, reliability, and through-life performance. We did a limited analysis on the sub-system breakdowns, which included an invaluable Poisson Distribution Spares Calculations, and highlighted important areas for further consideration.

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